Tin Man

Tin Man

Professional Video Player and Exporter

Tin Man is a simple, yet powerful and customizable video player, metadata inspector and video exporter. Designed with a wide variety of tools to help you with your video workflows.

playback controls

Easy to use and frame accurate playback controls with audio scrubbing, JKL keyboard controls, go to a frame, in/out points, looping, and picture zoom in/out.

professional file formats

Support for a vast array of professional MOV, MXF, MP4, EXR and Image Sequences. Auto-join video and audio for simple IMF and select MXF OP-Atom types.

video color looks

Video Color Looks

Quickly add real-time video color looks to playback for numerous colorspaces

raw processing

Apple ProRes RAW, ARRIRAW, Blackmagic RAW, Canon RAW and Sony RAW GPU processing with extensive controls

audio mapping

Audio Channel Mapping

Effortlessly map audio channels to different speakers, adjust their volume, and more…

video scopes

Video Scopes

Analyze your video with built-in Vectorscope, Waveform and Histogram

view metadata

File Metadata

View metadata for Apple, Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, AS-11, IMF, and Avid files plus many more

video inspect

Handy tools that allow you to isolate color channels, detect out of gamut colors, view action/titles areas or get the color of individual pixels

audio meters

Audio Meters

Monitor audio levels and watch the High Peak, current Peak, and Average dB for each speaker

batch export

Batch Export

Create batch exports to MOV, MXF OP1a, MXF OP Atom, MP4 or Image Sequences – choose to render to professional video codecs like ProRes and optionally change the resolution or colorspace, or just re-wrap the video and audio content to a new file format

video export codecs

Export Video Codecs

A wide range of video encoding options including ProRes, DNxHD/HR*, EXR, JPEG2000, GPU enabled H264/H265, and more…

*DNxHD/HR encoding requires Tin Man Pro License

export with metadata​

Export Metadata

Export QuickTime metadata with MOV files, Avid metadata with MXF OP Atom files, or Adobe XMP with most files

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