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QuickTime Player only shows a white screen after installing Calibrated{Q} MXF Import and opening a MXF file.
Please note that Calibrated{Q} MXF Import is a QuickTime Import component that only parses and opens a MXF files, it does not decode any of the video in the MXF file. The QuickTime Video codecs installed on the computer will decode the video in the MXF file.

If you are seeing a 'white' or 'black' screen when opening a MXF file in QT Player then usually that means that the proper QuickTime video codec needed to decompress the video in the MXF file is not installed on your system. Open up the MXF file in Calibrated MXF QuickStat application and it will tell you the video codec type needed.

  • For AVC-Intra video, install Calibrated{Q} AVC-Intra Decode
  • For DVCProHD video, install Calibrated{Q} DVCProHD Decode
  • For DV50 video, install Calibrated{Q} DV50 Decode (Windows Only)
  • For XDCAM HD, Long-GOP MPEG2 HD or I-frame Only MPEG2 HD, install Calibrated{Q} XD Decode
  • For I-frame Only MPEG2 SD or IMX, install Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode
  • For DNxHD, Meriden, or Avid Uncompressed, install either the Avid LE QT Codecs v2.3.4 or v2.3.7
  • If the Video Codec Type is not one of the above then contact

Do not install Calibrated{Q} Decode codecs on any Mac system with any version of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Server installed. This is because FCP7/X or Compressor 3.5/4 come with Apple's ProCodecs, so the Calibrated{Q} Decode codecs aren't needed.

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