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Why are XDCAM/HDV MOV files not playing back in realtime on my computer?
There could be a couple of reasons for this:

If you're playing back the video in QuickTime Player, your computer might not be fast enough to playback the video. This could mean either the CPU is not fast enough, the hard drive is not fast enough or a combination of both.

If you're playing back the video in an application other than QuickTime Player, then that application may not be optimized to playback MOV files or the application may not be taking advantage of optimizations in Calibrated{Q} XD Decode. This is more seen on Windows computers.

If you're using Calibrated{Q} XD Decode with Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects 5.0.3/5.5.0 then this modified Adobe XML file can greatly improve performance in Adobe CS 5.0.3/5.5.0 applications. You can learn more and download it by clicking here.

Please see the 'Performance Section' in the User Guide PDF for more details.

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