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IMPORTANT for orders made after November 13, 2014 - We have updated our software products AND our software licensing. The below instructions are for orders made before November 13, 2014. Orders made AFTER November 13, 2014 use an Activation Key for activating/deactivating a Software License to a computer - you can find instructions on how to use an Activation Key in the Calibrated License Manager application User Guide (PDF) for those orders. Please read the Upgrade FAQ page to find out how to upgrade your previous orders to the new versions.

PLEASE NOTE: A Software License is for a single physical computer only (it's tied to the computer's motherboard), and you cannot deactivate/activate a license to another computer. Orders made after Sept 15th, 2010** are allowed four(4) 'resets' of a Software License, where you can reset your Software License in your Customer Account in the event of a getting a new motherboard on your current computer or if you upgrade to a new computer. The conditions of using a 'reset' are (a) 30 days have past since your Software License was generated or reset and (b) the software is no longer being used on and has been removed from the original computer. Once you have used up all Software License resets then you would have to purchase a new Software License to license a new computer. Please see the Software License Agreement for more details.

**orders made before Sept. 15, 2010 are allowed three(3) 'resets' per Software License

The below instructions are only for orders made before November 13, 2014

Step 1: Download and install the software
Skip this step if you have already downloaded and installed the software. If you have NOT already done so, please download and install the software you purchased on the computer you want to license. Please remember that if you purchased a Software License for Mac OSX then you can only generate a Software License for a Mac OSX computer, and likewise for Windows.

Step 2: Retrieve your ‘Computer ID’ from the software
Open the Calibrated Option(s) application of the product(s) you have ordered. You can find all of the Calibrated Options applications installed in the folder:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Calibrated\Applications\Options folder
Mac OSX: /Applications/Calibrated/Applications/Options folder

After opening the Calibrated Option(s) application - click on the word 'about' and then press the 'Enter Software License' button and copy your ' Computer ID'. For bundle purchases, you only need to use one(1) 'Computer ID' from one of the products in the bundle.

Step 3: Generate your Software License in your Customer Account
Sign in to your Customer Account on the Calibrated Software website and then click on the ‘license’ tab  in our Customer Account and then press the green "Generate" button and paste in your ‘Computer ID' on the website when prompted. Your Software License will then be generated and presented to you, and saved in your Customer Account. This Software License is tied to your computer’s motherboard and will only work on this specific computer.

Step 4: Enter in your Software License into the software
Go back to the 'about' page of the Calibrated Options application and press the "Enter Software License" button and paste in your Software License in the window that pops up, press the 'Apply' button and then restart your computer. After restarting, your software will have the DEMO MODE limitation removed and be fully functional.


IMPORTANT for Final Cut Pro 6/7 and Calibrated{Q} Import components: Please read the 'Calibrated Refresh for FCP 6/7' chapter in the Calibrated{Q} MXF Import User Guide or Calibrated{Q} MP4-EX Import User Guide and use the 'refresh' feature in the 'Calibrated{Q} Import' to refresh the duration of any MXF or MP4 file you had imported into Final Cut Pro 6/7 while in DEMO MODE.

IMPORTANT for Final Cut Pro X and Calibrated{Q} MXF Import: You will have to remove (i.e. 'Move To Trash') the MXF file from your FCP X Event and Sequence, and then re-import the MXF file into the FCP X Event and Sequence for the full duration of the MXF file to be 'seen' by FCP X after licensing. Alternately, there is a new option in Calibrated{Q} Import Assist to update the Modification Date of a MXF file (this will update the Modification Date used by the file system NOT the Modification Date in any MXF metadata). Updating the Modification Date of a MXF file will make FCP X re-analyze the MXF file and the full duration of the MXF file should know be seen in the FCP X Event; however any MXF files in a FCP X Sequence will have to be manually stretched out by the user to their full duration in the FCP X Sequence.

For questions, please email: