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Watch and Work with IMX QuickTime .MOV files

Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode is a multi-threaded IMX QuickTime Codec (Decode Only) that enables you to view and use QuickTime IMX Movies in QuickTime Player and other 3rd party applications that support QuickTime. To learn more about Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode, please read the Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode User Guide (PDF) here.

Playback IMX MXF Files in QT Player 7 & CatDV

When Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode is used together with Calibrated{Q} MXF Import, you can playback select OP1a IMX MXF files in QuickTime Player 7 and CatDV. Please see Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OSX & Windows for more details. For more information about using our products with CatDV, please see Calibrated Software's CatDV Product Info webpage here.

Advanced Features

Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode allows users to easily turn QuickTime Gamma Correction ON or OFF(default), and control a variety of other color options within the Calibrated{Q} IMX Options application.