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You can upgrade on order thru your Customer Account on our website.

All of the new versions will work on Mac or Windows, and all prices are in US Dollars and for one(1) Software License upgrade. Upgrades are free for Software License(s) purchased AFTER November 1, 2014.

Please note that once you upgrade your Software License(s) then you will NOT be able to use the older version(s) of software - you will ONLY be able to use the new version(s) of software with the new software licensing. Please do NOT upgrade in the middle of a project and uninstall your current version before downloading and installing the new version.


(1) Sign into your Customer Account

(2) Click on the 'orders' tab in your Customer Account

(3) Click on the blue 'Details' button for an order you want to upgrade.

(4) Click on the blue 'Upgrade' button for the product you want to upgrade. You will be re-directed to our online Shopping Cart and you will see the quantity of Software Licenses that you want to upgrade added to the Shopping Cart.

(5) Repeat steps 2-4 and add all of the orders you wish to upgrade to the Shopping Cart - when you're finishing checkout and pay via credit card or Paypal.

(6) After payment is received for your order, you will receive an Activation Key for each Software License that you upgrade, and you can use that Activation Key to activate a Software License to a specific computer that will remove the DEMO MODE limitations of the new software version for that specifc computer. For more details please read the Calibrated License Manager User Guide (PDF).

If you order five(5) or more Software Licenses then you will receive one(1) Activation Key that can be used for the quantitiy of Software License(s) that you upgraded. Please note it can take 1-3 business days to update the one(1) Activation Key you receive to reflect the quantity of Software Licenses ordered as this has to be done manually by us. If you have any questions, please email us in advance of placing your order at

Software License Policy
Please note that one(1) Software License is for a single physical computer only (it's tied to the computer's motherboard). You can activate/deactivate a Software License from one computer to another computer using your Activation Key with the Calibrated License Manager application (requires internet connection) For complete details see our Software License Agreement

Refund Policy
A refund for the purchase price of an order may only be given if you have NOT activated or generated a Software License for your order, AND the refund request is within 30 days of the order purchase date. For more details see our refund policy.

For questions, please email:

Check Us Out On