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Version 1.4.1

Installer - Windows

64-bit Windows 7/10 for Adobe CC-CC2018

Please refer to Avid MC 8.4-8.9 for Windows system requirements

BETA Support for 32/64-bit Windows 8 & 10 for QuickTime based MOV exporting- our QuickTime Encode codec should work fine on Windows 8 & 10; however QuickTime Player does not officially support Windows 8 & 10 yet.

Virtual OS is not supported.

Installer - Mac (Intel)

macOS 10.9 or greater for Compressor 3.5.3

macOS 10.9 for Compressor 4.1.3 or greater

macOS 10.9 for Adobe CC-CC2018

XAVC Support requires macOS 10.9 or greater

Please refer to Avid MC 8.4-8.9 for macOSX system requirements

Adobe Perfomance booster: This modified Adobe XML file is necessary for exporting 8/10-bit YUV422 AVC-Intra in Adobe Premiere Pro applications. You can download it by clicking here.

Calibrated AVC-LG Create is for creating Sony XAVC Long GOP MX files and OP1a & P2 AVC-LongG MXF files and AVC-LongG MOV files. To view or playback, you would need Calibrated{Q} MXF Import with Calibrated{Q} AVC-LG Decode or an application that supports that format for playback such as Adobe Premiere Pro/AME CC or greater, or P2 Viewer Plus


Click here for requirements


View Calibrated AVC-LG Create User Guide (PDF)

Version History

Read the Version History Chapter in the User Guide for changes

Software License Agreement
By downloading, installing, ordering, or using the software - you are agreeing to the Software License Agreement.

Without a Software License, Calibrated AVC-LG Create will have watermarks of the Calibrated AVC-LG Create Logo burned into any encoded video when running in DEMO MODE. The burned in DEMO MODE watermarks cannot be removed from the encoded video. After ordering and licensing Calibrated AVC-LG Create you will have to re-encode any files that you had created while running the software in DEMO MODE. Using the software in DEMO MODE is for testing only and should not be used for commercial purposes. To remove the DEMO MODE watermark, purchase a Software License for Calibrated AVC-LG Create in our Online Store here.

Current Customers
If you are a current customer - you can upgrade to this version for free. Please do NOT upgrade in the middle of a project and uninstall your current version before downloading and installing a new version. After upgrading, you will have to reapply all options.